EMI Drilling and Microtunneling Tests

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Drilling and Microtunneling Tests


EMI's laboratory drill rig can perform drilling and boring tests up to 3-ft (0.91 m) in diameter. Its capacity is 100,000 lbs (445 kN) of thrust and 150 hp (112 kW). Cutterhead rotational speed is variable up to 60 rpm.

The machine performs both mechanical and water jet-assisted drilling tests. The cutting action of a roadheader or drum shearer can be simulated by moving the rock sample sideways with a hydraulic actuator. A computer-based data acquisition system monitors and records all drilling parameters during testing.

The DTF can also be used to test tri-cone bits, coring bits, and new-designed bits such as drill bits equipped with mini-disc cutters. The off-center drive system also allows for installation of a swivel unit. In addition to basic drilling parameters, cutter forces and pipe stresses can also be measured and recorded during testing.

Movie Clips

36-inch (914 mm) Drum Cutterhead in sumping mode

36-inch (914 mm) Drum Cutterhead in slewing mode

36-inch (914 mm) Roadheader Cutterhead

32-inch (813 mm) Microtunneling Cutterhead

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