Computer Modeling for Mechanical Excavators

On the basis of 30 years of extensive laboratory research and field machine performance analysis, EMI has developed an extensive series of computer models and techniques for accurate prediction of machine performance and cutter costs for all types of mechanical excavators. These models have been validated with extensive field data collected from mechanical excavation projects worldwide.
EMI computer models can be used for two purposes:

  1. To provide production rate and cutter cost estimates for an existing machine in a particular rock type. And also provide information about usage of thrust and power of the machine to achieve certain penetration rates.

  2. To develop the optimum cutterhead design (e.g. head shape, cutter geometry, layout, spacing, etc.)  and machine specifications for a given excavation project.

EMI has the following computer models for mechanical excavators.

Hard Rock Tunnel Boring Machines


Continuous Miners

Hard Rock Microtunneling Machines

Marietta Borers

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